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Former Dixon treasurer fired

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The Treasurer for the City of Dixon, Illinois is now out of a job following federal allegations she stole $30 million from the city.

“Very shocking and disturbing and unbelievable that kind of money,” said Sharon U. Thompson, who lives in Dixon. “Of course, she’s innocent until proven guilty, but it seems like there’s a lot of evidence against her.”

The firing of Rita Crundwell happened during a special city council meeting Monday morning at Dixon City Hall.

But, not before she turned in her resignation the weekend prior to that meeting.

It was rejected by the mayor and city council.

Crundwell was arrested on April 17 and charged with one count of wire fraud in federal court.

The FBI says she stole more than $30 million from the City of Dixon to finance an extensive horse farm, vehicles and jewelry.

The big question on the minds of so many taxpayers is how she pulled it off right under the noses of city leaders.

“I’ve read every audit, I’ve scrutinized every audit. The last sentence is that we found nothing in non-compliance,” said Mayor Jim Burke, of the City of Dixon.

He goes on to say that he hopes that answer will be revealed during a forensic audit of accounting practices.

The city will meet with a local accounting firm Thursday to discuss how to proceed with it.

News 8 went to Ms. Crundwell’s home on Red Brick Rd. in Lee County to see if we could talk to her.

The only way we could reach her is through a call box on a gate closing off entrance to her home.

No one answered.

Meanwhile, some citizens who question the city’s handling of financial oversight are now calling for the mayor to resign.

But, not everyone sees it that way.

“We have to give him credit for going to the FBI and bringing it to their attention, so that this got stopped,” said Thompson.

The city also met Monday with Lee County State’s Attorney, Henry Dixon, to see whether or not any state laws violations occurred in this case.

No one was available for comment.