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Earth Week Fair inspires kids of all ages in Rock Island

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The environment took center stage in Rock Island on Saturday. That's where families got some valuable lessons about the land.

The Rock Island County Farm Bureau booth is a busy place on Saturday afternoon. That's where volunteer Diane New helps youngsters to learn about the water cycle. Inside the annual Earth Week Fair, it's a chance to experiment, educate and enlighten.

"It does make you feel good when you know you're making some connections of what's going on in the environment," New said.

Hundreds of visitors stopped by the QCCA Expo Center for hands-on activities. Some Davenport Cub Scouts were fishing for answers with the Sierra Club. The kind of answers that will help them as grown-ups.

"Just kind of introduce the boys to things they may not know about," said Ryan Rice, a Cub Scout Den Leader. "Ways that we can reduce and recycle."

These environmental activities provide a timely lesson about Earth Day. Steps that everybody can take to create healthier neighborhoods around the Quad Cities.

More than 50 booths offered projects for kids of all ages. It's like a big one-day workshop for families.

"When they work together as a family, it's something that they know they're doing something positive for the Earth," said Kristen Bergren, a Sierra Club volunteer.

From a giant water faucet to recycling work at ground level, this is all pretty heady stuff for kids.

"Everything that we do has an impact on our world, on our Earth," said Bergren. "It's up to us to take care of it."

That's a lesson from the Fair to last a lifetime.