Bettendorf High School Teacher Honored

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"Herr Orange you are my favorite teacher.  Thank you so much"
It's obvious Tyler Reedy is a big fan of Mr. Orange, and the German Language.
"Even when we are in the hallways and we pass each other it will be hi how ya doing but we all do it in German.  He is just awesome, he's a very honest person."
That honesty is a big part of why he felt it so important to honor the man he calls his friend and teacher.
"His firm stance against bullying, name calling and racial slurs has built up quite a reputation at our school. Herr is a man of doing what is right."
Tyler says that mutual respect to one another is expected in and out of the classroom.
 "He'll stop them right that minute and look them in the eye and say look that was not appropriate that was not the right thing to do."
Mr. Orange says "German is not only wonderful in learning about culture and language but it gives students an opportunity to take it outside of the classroom be good stewards of the community be kind be caring be helpful".
Lessons Tyler understands "he wants us to be better the school to be better he wants to leave here knowing that he accomplished something that he improved the life of a student"
Mr. Orange will soon leave Bettendorf High School.
He plans to get his professorship and instruct students to become the next generations of teachers.
"Help them become not only great world language teachers but also good teachers in general."
Traits he is already passing along to his high school students.
"I really appreciate Tyler he is one of those students who comes into the classroom with a smile always wants to learn, is thirsty for knowledge.  This is a constant reminder of why I love teaching and working with your age group."