Pavement failure closes part of Route 92

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Emergency repairs are underway on Illinois Route 92 after the pavement collapsed at 17th Street.

The pavement reportedly gave way after a storm sewer under the road collapsed Friday, April 13, 2012.

The westbound right lane of Route 92 was closed at 17thStreet, and 17thStreet was completely closed to traffic.

Inspectors believed the same thing was happening under the eastbound lanes of Route 92 as well.

“After the north side is repaired, we will perform exploratory excavation on the south side to determine the cause and extent of sub-grade failure that is evident on the surface,” said a statement from the Illinois Department of Transportation.

The eastbound right lane will be closed during that activity as well.

Various lane closures will be in effect for at least a week, and possibly as long as two weeks, starting Monday, April 16.

MAP of IL 92 Emergency Repair Area