At Great River Spine Clinic, we coordinate several treatments

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• Physical therapy
• Medication
• Behavioral therapy
• Biofeedback
• Epidural injections
• Some nerve blocks and muscle trigger-point injections

Some therapies are more invasive. With several patients, we’ve used a technique called dorsal column stimulator in which we permanently implant an electric stimulator in the spine. This has been very effective in reducing pain.

Even with such advances, Dr. Foster searches for improvements in the services of Great River Spine Clinic, such as participation in the National Spine Network, which includes data from thousands of surgeries.

“I think you’d have to look hard to find a community-based system that would offer as comprehensive a program as we do,” Dr. Foster said. “I love what I do. People get better.”

Last year, spine surgeon Douglas Foster, M. D., performed nearly 300 surgical procedures at Great River Medical Center.