Tudi’s Tribe sends deserving family to Disney World

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Olivia Klauer was a regular little girl anxiously waiting to start Kindergarten when she started feeling ill.  She had headaches, trouble balancing, and sleeping.  When the symptoms persisted her mother took her to the doctor and after several tests, learned she had a cancerous brain tumor.

Doctors told Christine and David Klauer that their little girl would need surgery but because the tumor was on the most critical part of her brain, it would be difficult to get the entire tumor.  They said very few doctors would even try but their surgeon was willing to give it a shot.

The surgery worked and miraculously the entire tumor had been totally removed.  An MRI revealed there was no cancer left.  Olivia received radiation and has made a wonderful recovery.  Her six month check-up was in March and her doctor cleared her to go back to gymnastics. She still has some balance issues at times but those may go away as the healing continues.

The Klauer family has never been on vacation and Tudi's Tribe, an organization that helps children with cancer, gave the family a trip to Disney World.  Olivia could hardly speak because she was so excited.  They will take the trip at the end of May and will enjoy Disney for seven days.

For more about Olivia's battle with her brain tumor you can check out her site on http://www.carepages.com.  Search for "KlauerPower".  To learn about Tudi's Tribe visit their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tudis-Tribe/370841012166