Recipe for Towering Salad

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What goes up, must come down.  Chef Scott says your dinner salad doesn't need to be limp lettuce sitting flat on your plate.  He's got a towering salad that's easy to build and more fun to dismantle.

Don't you just love salads?  But they kinda just lay there in a bowl.  Today, we're going to build one up and then we're going to crash and burn it!

Ingredients include greens, shrimp, chicken, cheesy bread, Feta cheese, cucumber, broccoli, peppers, and artichoke.

1. Peel outside of cucumber, the cut the top at 45-degree angle
2. Hollow the cucumber so it serves as a vase
3. Add Romaine lettuce stems
4. Add red and yellow peppers
5. Surround with greens
6. Add broccoli, tomatoes, artichokes
7. Sprinkle with Feda cheese
8. Add a dash of your favorite salad dressing
9. Sides can include a spear of shrimp or a chicken breast

Knock it over and let it crash and burn.  Enjoy.