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Chad Welsh murder trial update

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A former Burlington car salesman accused of strangling to death a pregnant prostitute called in sick three days over the time of the crime.

34 year- old Chad Welsh is charged with first degree murder for the 2007 death of Angela Hennes. The 41-year old was strangled with a zip tie, duct tape on her mouth, her body burned beyond recognition, and found face down in a Scott County cornfield.

In court Thursday, the lead investigator on the case testified that tire tracks found at the cirme scene match the Jeep Liberty Welsh was driving, and said he was a no-show at work days after Hennes went missing after getting into a car on January 3rd.

”And then January 4th, he called in sick. January 5th, he called in sick, and January 6th, he called in sick. Then, January 7th, he had a scheduled day off”, said Detective Tara Dinneweth.

On Wednesday, a DNA expert from the Iowa State Crime Lab testified that Welsh’s DNA and DNA found on Hennes are a one in 100 billion match.

Investigators say they know Welsh was in the Quad City area around the time of the murder, because he was stopped on January 6th by a Muscatine policeman for speeding on Highway 61, about 20 miles from the crime scene where Henne’s body was later found.

Welsh’s former roomate Rob Ramos said the Jeep was his, and he had not given Welsh permission to use the vehicle.

After his testimony, Ramos told WQAD that Welsh fancied himself as a ladies man, and had a running ”tally” of the number of women he slept with.

”He also had a thing, he would take Polaroids of women he was with, sometimes of them undressing”,Ramos said.

Hennes had a wrapper from a Polaroid disposable camera stuck on her face.

Ramos says in the days after the time of the murder, Welsh appeared to find God.

”He got really religious. He started following Joel Osteen, the evangelist, went to a couple of his seminars in St. Louis or wherever. Started going to church, and quoting scripture. I’m sure he felt guilty, trying to repent for the sins he did, if he did them.”