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Iowa schools’ start date could move

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The Iowa House has passed a bill that would delay the start of the school year for most Iowa K-12 students.

The bill would keep schools from starting before the fourth Monday of August.

Iowa State Fair organizers and the tourism industry are backing the idea. They fear an earlier school year will prevent students and teachers from enjoying the fair and put a dent in profits.

Lawmakers were divided in their final vote.

“When we shield our children from opportunities that are hands on learning opportunities or events we actually are impeding on their ability to learn,” said Rep. Lance Horbach (R).

“The paradox of this is astounding to me. Forget about making sure some children read at third grade. Forget about early learning opportunities like preschool or Head Start. Forget about how well our students are performing in or out of the classroom,” said Rep. Cindy Winckler (D).

The vote was split with some in each party supporting the bill. It now goes to the Democratic-controlled Senate, where its future is in doubt.

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