Davenport bar license renewal up for dicussion

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Public drunkenness, fights and stabbings are all reasons why the Do-Dah Tap in downtown Davenport could be forced to change its ways.

On Wednesday night, the Davenport City Council is expected to vote on whether to renew it’s liquor license.

But, is trouble pouring out the doors of a bar that’s been around the Quad Cities since the turn of the century?

“After when it gets dark at night, yeah,” said one bar patron who doesn’t want his identity revealed. “That’s when I leave.”

“Stay away from that place from now on,” said Chuckie Caldicott. “I am not going to lie to you.”

Not everyone has the same opinion.

“They’re all very good person,” said James Bailey. “They’re very diverse and culturous.”

But, according to Davenport police, Do-Dah has some of the most police calls of any Davenport bar, right behind Las Bananas on Kimberly Rd.

“Even though the calls may be dispatched to that location, they’re not necessarily a result of the bar itself,” said Chief Frank Donchez, with the Davenport Police Department.

That’s what bar owners are hoping to prove, with a series of security measures they’ll implement if their license is renewed.

One of the ways the Do-Dah is trying to prevent problems from occurring, is by establishing an outdoor smoking area out back for patrons.

They’re also planning on adding video surveillance, which Donchez says, could help them prove their case.

“If they say it wasn’t a result of their bar, we’ll be able to see if that person was in the bar or if they weren’t in the bar,” he said.

In addition to extra patrols and video surveillance systems, Davenport police are soon to start a computer program that will keep track of police calls made to any place that has a liquor license.