Study links dental x-rays to brain tumors

A recent study says frequent dental X-rays could be linked to a higher risk for the most-common brain tumor in adults.

The study, led by an epidemiologist at the Yale School of Medicine, suggests a connection between mouth S-rays and meningiomas.  Meningiomas, which grow slow and are often benign, account for about one-third of brain tumors detected in the U.S.

Having bitewing X-rays every year or more frequently, raised the risk for meningiomas according to the study.  Panoramic X-rays that sweep around the entire head nearly quintupled the risk of developing a meningioma if done on children younger than ten years old.

The American Dental Association recommends X-rays every one to two years for healthy children and every two to three years for healthy adults.   The study results prompted the ADA to restate its position that X-rays should only be ordered when necessary for diagnosis and treatment.

Read the full ABC news story about the possible link between dental X-rays and brain tumors at this link:

Check out the ADA online at this link:

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