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Monmouth wine store gets national attention

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A Monmouth wine store is on the map after placing in the finals in a national competition.

Step inside the unassuming brick building in downtown Monmouth and you're transported to Italy or France.

In town visiting from Pennsylvania, Tom Boock knows what he's looking for.

"I love red wine,” said Boock. “The only time I drink white is if there's no red available."

Here, it’s not just vino filling the shelves.

"When I originally opened, I was going to do just wine and of course, that's expanded," said Susan Kaufman , owner of Market Alley Wines.

There are all kinds of merchandise here, from glassware to vases.

But, for most customers, it's the wine itself that keeps them coming back through the doors.

In a video submitted by Kaufman for a national competition called "This is Retail" you can clearly see from the full house of customers, there's a demand in Monmouth for this type of store, or as Kaufman calls it, destination.

"Meeting with friends and visiting, a destination where you can sit and relax after a long day," she said.

As far as making the transition from a lifelong career in journalism to wine shop proprietor, she says it’s been nothing short of all she could have hoped for.

“So far, nothing has gone wrong. It's been absolutely remarkable, the support."

Market Alley Wines has been open for a year in June.

The prize, if Kaufman wins the contest, is $25,000.

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