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83-Year-Old Woman Forced Out of Home “Unfit for Living”

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It may be tough to tell, but the home of 83-year-old Lois Hudson is simply uninhabitable. After complaints from neighbors about a home filled with garbage, rats began to roam in and out of the house.  Police got a search warrant to see if the house is still up to code.

"They determined that it should not be occupied by anybody," says PJ Foley, Rock Island's 3rd Ward Alderman.

Foley represents Hudson's neighborhood, and says since the notice was put up she's allegedly been sleeping in her SUV just outside the home.

"Living out of your vehicle is not illegal, and we prefer that she not live out of her vehicle and she find a safe place to stay during the evenings. But ultimately it's the individual's choice," says Foley.

Rock Island cannot force Hudson to get help or clean up her home. A case against her has been started and she may eventually have to go before a judge.

According to Foley, the city has put Hudson in contact with social workers to help help with any problems she may be facing.

"She hasn't taken advantage of that to my knowledge as of yet. But that's what we hope and we want them to take advantage of when you're taken out of your home," says Foley.

Since Hudson has been forced from her home and is now living out of her car, Rock Island Police have increased patrols in her neighborhood to keep her safe.