Pet waste receptacles in place along Duck Creek

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Last December, Scott County invested a federal grant of nearly 200,000 dollars to clean up Duck Creek in Davenport.  A part of those funds went to pet waste receptacles that are now in place throughout Duck Creek Park in Davenport.

The creek was highly contaminated from various things, one being dog feces.  The county hopes these receptacles will encourage park goers to clean up after their pets.

One park goer says though he thinks it is a pet owners personal responsibility to clean up after their pet, it is nice that the county is helping in the efforts.

"You could run out of bags or not have enough [while walking your dog at the park] and if there is a bag in the receptacles that you could use is important," Brad Hixon says.

He and his wife were enjoying a walk in the park with their dogs today.  Lisa Hixon thinks the investment was a good one for the park and looks forward to utilizing the clean creek that is hopefully to come.

"I have a daughter and I would love for her to be able to splash around in the creek."