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IDOT eases Easter travel

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Holiday travel can definitely be chaotic but today at the Quad City Airport, chaotic is not the word to describe the scene.

“There’s no people around here, doesn’t look like Easter to me,” business travel Kuen Tuh told us.

Maybe more are hitting the road this year and because of that, the Illinois Department of Transportation is trying to ease things for those holiday drivers.

“We know there is going to be a lot of people out on Easter Sunday traveling and we just try to let them flow easily,” Brian Holliday of the Illinois DOT says.

Starting at 3pm Friday, road crews are suspending work where possible.

“On most projects, they will take down the traffic control, the barrels and the drums and push them over to the side so that traveling public won’t be hindered through the Easter holiday,” Holliday said.

One area that will still be lined with cones is the interchange between Illinois 92 and Interstate 280.  Due to the nature of the project, crews can not remove all the barricades.

The Illinois DOT is still urging drivers to use caution while driving through construction areas.

“We definitely want people to drive slow, especially through the areas where the traffic control is still up.  Take it easy, especially at night.  Be sure that you pay attention, slow down and be safe.”