Dubuque man admits lying about illegal worker

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A Dubuque man pleaded guilty in federal court to lying to Homeland Security investigators about an illegal alien he employed.

As owner of a concrete business, Richard Anthony Weber, 30, reportedly employed an illegal alien at his company.  When investigators asked him about the illegal man in February 2010, Weber told them he had laid off the man two months earlier.

“In truth, the alien was still employed by Weber the day Weber was interviewed, and Weber had spoken to the alien that day,” said a statement from U.S. Attorney Stephanie Rose, “The alien then fled the area and avoided apprehension by ICE.”

Weber faces a maximum possible sentence of five years in prison, a $250,000 fine and $100 in special assessments; all followed by three years of supervised release.

Weber entered his guilty plea April 5, 2012.

Weber is free on bond pending sentencing.  A sentencing date had not yet been set.