Cluster Boxes Upsetting Moline Residents

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Talk to the residents living near these cluster mailboxes, and odds are they'll tell you these mailboxes are turning this intersection into a real mess. The boxes were put here last summer while the streets were being redone in this neighborhood. Residents love the new street, but aren't so fond of the cluster boxes. Saturday 26 homes in this neighborhood received a letter about the future of the mailboxes.

"Said that they're setting up a cluster mailboxes for the construction period and then after they will become permanent," says Fred Carmen.

He and a few of his neighbors have taken it upon themselves to try to reverse this decision. Earlier this week they went before the Moline City Council to plead their case. They argue the cluster boxes are already creating traffic backups at busy times of the day, and when the weather gets worse the problems will get worse.

"We can all use the exercise, it's just that at times of the year it'll be very inconvenient and somewhat dangerous," says Carmen.

The postal service says cluster boxes are much more efficient to fill, and cost less than driving house to house. Residents like Lora Phillips say collecting her mail has now become a worrisome affair.

"We're 69 years old we don't need to be coming down here risking our life trying to get our mail,” says Phillips.

Residents of this Moline neighborhood love their new street service, but say these new cluster boxes are just too outside the box for them.

"I've always had mail on my door, or at the end of my driveway. They been doing it for 11 years. So why not continue doing it," says Phillips.

"We just want our mailboxes," adds Carmen.