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Nichols Makes Temporaries Full Time

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DAVENPORT - Nichols Aluminum says it's added about 100 temporary workers to full time status. The jobs replace about half the number of Teamsters 371 members who have been on strike since January 20th. However, Teamsters says it's confident it can get all of those jobs back if they work out negotiations.

"We all know it was touchy subject to go out on a limb for," Teamsters member Thomas Payne said. "We've had people stop by and drop us off food and wish us good luck and say they've got their prayers for us."

Nichols President Thom Brackmann talked to WQAD on the phone Wednesday. He says the temporary workers were hired because of the Teamsters 371 strike. He also says the company will continue to replace the lost work.

"It's a real good company," Payne said. "We just want to get back in."

Workers are striking for more money plus a better health insurance.

"We're not going to just bow down and take the worst possible contract," Teamsters 371 member Brad Mariman said. "We've got families and futures to worry about."

Nichols Aluminum would not comment on how these latest hires would affect the Teamsters members. Teamsters is meeting with Nichols next Wednesday to look at contract negotiations.