Iowa Gov. Branstad calls for investigation in ‘pink slime’ controversy

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Governor Terry Branstad is not backing down in his support for the beef product known as "pink slime". His endorsement comes as one of the companies that produces it files for bankruptcy.

Branstad called for a congressional investigation Monday, demanding to know who created the controversy that lead to a temporary shut down of three BPI plants, including one in Iowa. AFA, a Pennsylvania based producer of the product, has now filed for bankruptcy, blaming the bad publicity.

"Pink slime" is known in the industry as lean, finely textured beef. It's made of bits of beef and treated with ammonia to kill bacteria. It's added to ground beef we buy in the grocery store. Estimates say it can make up as much as 70 percent of the beef we buy.

Branstad says the product is safe and healthy, claiming he has no problems buying it. He's calling on fellow governors and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to help end the uproar.