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Biden boosts U.S. manufacturing during Davenport stop

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Using the theme, "Bringing Back American Jobs," Vice President Joe Biden brought an upbeat message about the economy Wednesday in Davenport. He said that manufacturing is coming back while outsourced jobs are returning stateside.

"Don't tell me that Americans can't make things anymore, can't compete in the world market anymore, can't lead the world again anymore," he said.

Speaking at PCT Engineered Systems, the campaign speech hit close to home for the Davenport-based company. Its business grew from 3 to 70 employees over the last 25 years. More than half of its work is exported abroad.

"We're one of two companies in the world that do the same thing that we do with the electron beam systems, so it's nice to get the recognition," said Chris Colter, an electrical designer with PCT.

Biden's message helped to pump up the crowd of invited guests. It's a chance to energize Democrats to get active before the November election. As Obama supporters put it, to understand the philosophical differences in the presidential campaign.

"The fact that Republicans are a bunch of vultures trying to write off the middle class and working folks in this country is unconscionable," said Tom Engelmann, Scott County Democrats.

There's optimism and energy in Biden's stop, trying to motivate Democrats to recapture the enthusiasm from four years ago.

"We will lead the world again in every aspect of the economy," Biden said.

A message with familiar faces and places while using manufacturing to try to chart a course for a second term in the White House.