Illegal Political Group Robocalling QC Residents

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"Ask him why he remains silent while Republican spokesman Rush Limbaugh insults degrades and verbally abuses women."

Robocalls like this one have been hounding residents of the 17th Congressional district, sometimes calling the same number as many as 10 times a day.

That's why yesterday the Bobby Schilling campaign put out the call for election, communications and judicial groups to investigate the Women of the 99% and bring an end to these rogue calls slamming their candidate.

"The FCC the FEC and the Illinois Attorney General need to come in and investigate. This can't be the standard for campaigning."

Shortly after the Schilling campaign made publicly came out against the illegal robocalls and the unregistered group paying for them, the Cheri Bustos campaign did the same, condemning the calls and issuing this letter the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Elections Commission and the Illinois Attorney General.

“Special interests have drowned out the voice of the middle class. This congressional race should not be determined by such outside groups,” the letter said.

So now these two candidates from opposite ends of the spectrum have found a small piece of common ground - a commitment to running an honest and legal campaign in the months to come.

"It's good for the voters of this area and we can have that honest discussion there's a huge contrast between our two candidates and they can make up their minds with honest and accurate information in November," said a Schilling spokesman.

Both the Schilling and Bustos campaigns have called on election officials as well as communications officials to trace these calls to find out where they're coming from and order this unregistered group to stop making these rogue robocalls.

Residents in 25 congressional districts nationwide have reported getting a robocall from the Women of the 99 Percent.  Democratic Party leaders have highlighted nearly all of them as Red-to-Blue battleground districts.