Illinois runs out of cash for college assistance

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The MAP grant is the primary source of financial aid for thousands of students in Illinois. The grant can offer close to $5000 in assistance for needy college students on a first-come, first served basis.  At Augustana College in Rock Island, 20% of their students receive the grant.

Nearly 300,000 students will apply for the grant this year and almost half will be denied.

“There are more applicants for the map grant this year than ever before, so the allocation has run out quicker than ever before,” Kent Barnes of Augustana College says.

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission suspended the grant this year because the fund was depleted by students that applied between Jan. 1 and March 13.   At Augustana College alone, 150 students will likely be denied the assistance.

If you missed the cut off, you can apply for federal aid through