Scott County Delegates Talk Candidates

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BETTENDORF - The race for republican Iowa delegates is on. A group of Scott County republicans tried to "reconvene" the entire party Thursday night.

"If this was a primary, we wouldn't have the opportunity to make sure that are voices were heard and do what we're doing now," Scott County Republican Michael Elliott said.

Some Scott County republicans met up Thursday night, but the entire group wasn't there.

"We are not reconvening the convention,” Scott County Republican Chairwoman Judy Davidson said. “The convention was adjourned. It was legitimate. All the results from the convention were legitimate."

Residents like Todd McGreevy though have another opinion.

"There were mistakes made,” Scott County Republican Todd McGreevy said. “Rules were broken, statutes weren't followed. The integrity of the process is what's at stake here."

Another issue though is which candidate many of these delegates want. Some of the delegates at the meeting Thursday night were Ron Paul supporters.

"Sure everybody wants to get their delegate elected,” McGreevy said. “What many people don't understand is that Iowa is not binding."

Iowa is of course a caucus system. That means delegates from around the state are elected to choose a presidential candidate.

"It's a public document who all the delegates are,” McGreevy said. “We can all speak to one another. We can network, we can talk, call each other, email."

Because Iowa has delegates choose a candidate, they can meet up until a candidate is chosen. Not enough delegates turned out Thursday to try to “reconvene.” Controversy arose when a post card was sent out saying the convention was reconvening.