Congressional Race Already Heating Up in IL District 17

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Expect to see quite battle in the race for Illinois Congressional District 17.  Fresh off a big primary win last night Democrat Cheri Bustos wasted no time on going after incumbent Bobby Schilling during a live interview this today with Good Morning Quad Cities.

"Bobby Schillling has worked very hard on behalf of millionaires and billionaires and 'Big Oil'.  What I would work very hard for is the middle class.  I think there's a clear contrast that voters will be able to support come November," says Bustos.

We caught up with Schilling via the internet this afternoon, he offered up this rebuttal.

"A lot of her money is coming from outside of this area California we've got a lot of cash coming in there from outside of the district from Nancy Pelosi's district," says Schilling.

Picked as one of the year's biggest races Democrats and Republicans alike are expected pour a lot of money into the District 17 race. As things heat up you can expect plenty of robo-calls, and attack ads. Less than 24 hours after the primaries solidified Bustos as the Democratic candidate and both candidates are already trading blows.

"My dad wasn't in politics I don't have a senator hand picking me for a seat I'm just a regular guy who, I don't plan on making a career out of this like some people," adds Schilling.

"The ink wasn't dry on our acceptance speech last night and we already have the incumbent Congressman bad mouthing us. We're prepared to talk about what is important for the people in this district... and that is what we will stick to," says Bustos.

It seems the one thing these two agree on - is their differences.

"I think there's going to be a nice clear contrast," says Schilling.

"There will be a distinct difference come November between what I believe in and what the incumbent congressmen believes in," says Bustos.

Watch video of both of Cheri Bustos' appearances on Good Morning Quad Cities - click here.