Bettendorf City Council Approves Bike Trail Extension

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Bettendorf is about to become more bicycle-friendly.

On Tuesday night, March 20th, 2012, city council approved a proposal to extend the Middle Road Recreation Trail from Devils Glen Road to Duck Creek.

The first portion of the project includes extending the sidewalks between Parkway Drive and 18th Street from four feet to six feet or, in come cases, 10 feet.

The Quad Cities Bicycle Club supports the proposal and members say with gas prices up nearly 18% in 2012, they're already noticing more people in the Quad Cities exchanging their four wheels for two.

"All these trails are not just recreational trails," says Donnie Miller, Safety and Education Director for the Quad Cities Bicycle Club. "These are transportation hubs for people myself. I own a car, motorcycle, truck... but I choose to ride my bicycle because it's healthy for the environment and it's healthy for myself."

The proposed project has been met with some opposition from residents who live in houses along Middle Road. Many are concerns about safety along the busy stretch of road and also construction work tearing up their front yards.

City aldermen say they took those concerns under consideration, but say this decision is the best one for the city as a whole.

Bettendorf will now start the process of putting together contract proposals. If all goes well, construction could start as early as May and be finished by the fall, weather permitting.