Romney visits Moline just days before primary

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The Presidential hopeful held a pancake breakfast for a couple hundred supporters at the Moline American Legion Post 246 Sunday morning.

The visit was just planned on Friday and a spot was not secured until Saturday; a last minute stop before Illinois Primary on Tuesday night.

After Romney lost to Rick Santorum in both Mississippi and Alabama, he rearranged his schedule in order to spend more time in Illinois.  The change to his schedule cut his visit to Puerto Rico short.

Romney started the speech by saying it was good to be back in the Quad Cities and then quickly moved into talking about the issues our country is facing.

“You know, the median income in America has dropped 10% in the last four years.”

He focused majority of his attention on Obama and how different he would run the country if he was elected.

Mitt’s wife, Ann took to the stage thanking woman for coming and encouraging them to come to the polls in November.