Davenport Working to Bring New Life to Old Building

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It's been closed for nearly 10 years, but some want to see "The Dock" re-open.

City leaders posted a "For Lease" sign on the historic building last week to see if there is anyone interested in restoring it into the popular restaurant it once was.

Wednesday night, the Levee Improvement Commission met to discuss sending out requests for proposals next month.

"The Dock" has been part of the city for decades, but has also been through a lot... three floods and one fire in 2003, which eventually led to its closing.

But city leaders says the building is still "structurally sound" and is in a "prime spot" overlooking the beautiful Mississippi River.

"We're trying to market it for somebody in the country to try and come in and either tear it down or use the existing facility, and put a top flight top notch type of restaurant in there," says Mayor Bill Gluba.

The Levee Improvement Commission will continue to discuss plans for "The Dock" until any serious proposals come back and then the issue will move to the full City Council. City leaders say the only other option is to just leave the building "as is."