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Warm weather welcomed by most, but cursed by a few

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"Uhh, always hoping, always hoping," says golfer Kevin Puelba.

No shortage of golfers taking advantage of the sun on the first official day of the golf season at Emeis Golf Course. Players we talked with say it's hard to believe it's the middle of March.

"No it's actually nicer than that, it feels like it's May out here already," says Puebla.

"It is very bizarre I think it's more like May temperatures than it is like March," adds Emeis golf pro Ron Thrapp.

Most winter months golfers are chased off the links by bitter cold and snow covered greens - but that's not the case this year. Most of these golfers never quit playing.

"I played 8 times in Feb. and 8 times in Jan. Are you kidding? Have you ever been able to do that before? No, I have played one year once in Jan. and once in Feb., but never 8 times it's been a great winter. Haha," says longtime golfer Rodney Behr.

A great winter by some accounts, but a lousy, and costly winter by others.

"It was a struggle all year, winter just never happened," says Ed Meyer the general manager of an area ski resort.

There's still snow on the ground at Ski Snowstar in Andalusia, but it's fading fast. Warm weather forced Snowstar to open more than three weeks late, and close at least two weeks earlier they hoped. A painful end to a season that struggled to get up and running.

"Old man winter is always in control and sometimes he's kind to you and sometimes he's not so you just gotta roll with the punches," says Meyer.

When they shut things down this year Snowstar had tallied just 66 days up and running. Right now they're still going through the books, but trying to make 12 months worth of money in just 66 days is an almost impossible challenge. In the meantime, area golf courses appear to be primed for a quick start.