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Moline City Council to start negotiations with Genesis for private EMS service

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In a meeting of the Committee of the Whole, the Moline City Council voted to start negotiations with GenesisĀ to take over the city's EMS service.

City Administrator Lew SteinbrecherĀ made the recommendation, and a vote was taken without any discussion.

After the meeting, Steinbrecher refused to discuss any of the details of the company's proposal. He would not say how many proposals he reviewed or how much the contract could be worth. He said that information would not become public until a contract decision had been reached.

Genesis is being considered to take over the service after the council voted last year to privatize. The decision was part of a cost-savings measure as the city dealt with a 1.3 million dollar budget deficit. The move means that 12 firefighters will lose their jobs by early summer.

Alderman Sean Liddell voted against the negotiations, saying he still believes privatizing will not save the city money. He says he is still hoping the city can find a way to keep the service "in-house".