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FEMA denies funding for Harrisburg tornado cleanup

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency has denied funding cleanup to the area crushed by the February 29th tornado.

After FEMA denied Harrisburg, Ill. funding Monday, March 12, 2012, Governor Pat Quinn sent out a press release saying he plans to appeal the FEMA decision.  Seven people died when storms that included an EF4 tornado ripped through Harrisburg.

But according FEMA measurements, the damage isn't severe enough for assistance.  Now, state agencies are expected to handle the mess.

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin is upset with the denial of funds.  He hopes that the federal government can do more.

"The result I understand is of a calculation based on state population, and that means some $12 to $12.5 million in damage must be found," Durbin said, "And from what I saw there, the hundreds of homes that were damaged or destroyed, it seems to me to be within grasp."

An official from the Illinois Emergency Management Association said there is no time table yet on when it plans to submit an appeal to FEMA.