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Illinois could ban on all mobile phone use for drivers

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A new law under consideration by the Illinois legislature could make even talking on your mobile phone illegal.

Larry Martinez said he was driven off the road by someone using their phone while driving.

"I almost got killed on a motorcycle," Illinois driver Larry Martinez said.  "I was one foot from laying in the ditch dead," he said. "Or up against a concrete sewer, I'd have been dead."

Emailing, texting, and tweeting are all things that are illegal for drivers in Illinois right now.

But some legislators want to take the law further, and the state house passed a bill that bans even talking on the phone while you're driving.

Some lawmakers think it invades your privacy.

"What's next?  Can you not grab a Big Mac?" Moline State Rep. Rich Morthland said. "There are many possible distractions that people can take.  It's up to drivers to take some responsibility, and face the consequences when they aren't."

Martinez thinks that invasion is not going too far when there's a chance of hurting others.

"Sure it takes away more of your rights," Martinez said. "But you have to think about the ones you may be saving their lives."

He hopes there are fewer situations like this while Illinois legislators continue to debate on the issue.

The state is only looking at banning phone calls where a person uses their hands.  Any hands-free device a person uses would still be legal for drivers in Illinois.