Friends raise a glass to the memory of Tad Agnew

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Today would have been Tad Agnew’s 34th birthday, and friends say he would have celebrated at Pints, a bar in Bettendorf.

“He would belly up down there,” said Tad’s friend Olivia Schmidt. “He loved this bar.”

Agnew was a regular at Pints, a place where he was among friends, even with the bar staff.

“We actually kind of a special seat for him at the bar,” said bartender Johnna Kincaid. “He was known for drinking his White Russians.”

These are fond memories of Tad, who died in February after a two year battle with melanoma.

“He was the bravest friend I know, the bravest man I know,” said Schmidt. “When we would visit him, he would always laugh and tell jokes, and we would have a good visit.”

Friday night is all about Tad with an event called “Tips for Tad”. Money raised goes to the charities Tad was passionate about- Trout Unlimited for his love of fishing and the Melanoma Fund for cancer research. Friends say being at Pints honors everything that was important to Tad.

“He loved his friends and family” said Liz Walters and Rosie Brodell. “He would help anybody.”
So this is their way of giving back, raising a glass one last time to the man they call the life of the party.

“Cheers, Tad!” said Schmidt, with tears in her eyes.

“He wouldn’t want anyone to be sad today,” said Kincaid. “He would want everyone to be happy and have a good time.”