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Recipe for Filet Mignon

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Here is Chef Brad Scott's recipe for delicious filet mignon at home:

1. Buy a six pound beef tenderloin

2. Trim the chain of fat and meat on the side.  You can use it later for fajitas or beef stew

3. Cut off the thin layer of fat that's on the top of the tenderloin

4. Cut eight inch portion for lean, thick steak

5. There's little fat, you rub with olive oil

6. Add a dash of salt and of pepper

7. Add to hot grill.  Char-broil with salt and pepper side down

8. Grill each side for a minute and a half

9. Finish in a broiler for about three minutes

10. Top filet with a tablespoon of goat cheese

11. Put back into the broiler for two minutes

12. Top with a dollop of butter (one tablespoon)

13. Pour on two tablespoons of au jus

14. Add a baked potato and steamed broccoli for a complete meal