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Purse snatcher caught on tape, targets 75-year old grandmother

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A Davenport grandmother has a word of warning for every female shopper, hoping her story stops someone else from getting their purse snatched from a shopping cart.

And it's all caught on tape.

It happened Sunday night at the Dollar General Store on Pine Street in Davenport.

Shirley Pardo, 75, was shopping with her son and grandson. When they headed over to the next aisle, Pardo had her back turned for a second to look at cough medicine, when a man comes out of nowhere and plucks her purse out of her cart.

''I didn't even know anybody was behind me. It was boom, boom. He took everything'', Pardo said.

The store surveillance tape shows the man walking into the store, grabbing the purse, and headed back out the door. All told, he was inside the place less than one minute.

''I felt terrible. I went home and just started crying, cause he stole my purse'', said Pardo, who has never been a crime victim before. Gone was the purse, with her cell phone, both sets of house keys, her car keys, and more than $100 dollars in cash.

News 8 is airing the video in hopes someone may identify the culprit. The family filed a report with the Davenport Police Department.

The purse was found by a garbage man two days later. The cell phone and cash missing.

''I hope they catch him. It could be someone else's mom or grandmother. Next time, someone could get hurt'', said Matthew Warrick, who is Pardo's grandson.

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