Davenport meth bust shocks neighborhood

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News 8 reporter Denise Hnytka also contributed to this report.

Davenport Police shut down a drug operation and arrest three people accused of making and selling methamphetamine.

It happened early Wednesday, as police used a search warrant to break into the home.

Now, neighbors are speaking out about their concerns.

"A lot of people could have died," said Pamela Sanderson, who lives nearby. "I could have been one of them, living so close to the home."

While this neighborhood's had its share of problems in the past, Sanderson says Wednesday morning's commotion took her by surprise.

"I was in my living room and my dog started barking and I thought it was a neighbor shutting the door," she said.

But, it was Davenport Police busting through the door of this home on Kimberly Downs Rd., where meth ingredients found inside and several loaded guns.

Investigators wouldn't say how long they had been looking into the activity at the home, but say they realized it was important to shut it down quickly.

"Never thought something like this was going to happen here," said Heidi Beaushe, who's been a bit unnerved by the situation because she has two kids.

"I don't want them having to deal with that," she said. "Shock. I thought there was an accident down the street."

Pamela agrees and says there are a lot of kids in the neighborhood and it's them who are the most vulnerable.

"Their safety is a great concern. We have a lot of grade school children and high school kids."

The three men arrested range in age from 20 to 46 years old. Police believe all three lived at the house. They're charged with drug possession with intent to deliver.