Early warm weather brings early bug swarms

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With the weather as nice as it is, exterminators are out in full force.

On warm days, even in March, Rick Arguello's killing termites.

"With a winter like this one, probably most of them will survive," exterminator Rick Arguello said.

Trenching, drilling and treating - all in part because termites are ready for spring.

"You know they're still active," Arguello said. "If you know you're in a foundation or a wall, they'll look for food."

With the snow that's melted making way for mud, the termites are looking for a new home.

The mild winters are what makes the dirt damp and loose, and then the termites can come up to your house.   It is mild days that are usually cold, like Tuesday, that allow Rick to do his job.

Spring-like temperatures make the bugs come out earlier but also at a quicker rate.

"And that spring if it comes earlier, allows the population to start multiplying earlier," biology professor Darrin Good said. "So they can have that increase into the summer."

And that increase into the summer is exactly what Arguello wants.

"It won't die off," he says about the increased bug population, "And they're hopefully twice as bad, for my sake.  Good for me and bad for everybody else."

He hopes people need his help, so he can keep business into the summer.

Experts say the best place to look for termites is near wood in your home. That's where the termites can get into your house.