Citizens of Rock Island argue against deer hunt

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Most Rock Island residents will tell you there’s no shortage of deer in their city. The real question is whether or not there are too many deer, and if so, what should be done.

Last month several hundred Rock Island residents gathered to tell city leaders they think the Rock Island should allow a urban bow hunt, much like Davenport and Bettendorf have done for years.

They want very specific rules about where deer can be harvested, and who can hunt them.

Monday night, opponents of any proposed hunt got their chance to talk, telling city council there’s better options like sterilization, live traps and relocation.  They are things they say would be much better than hunting deer inside city limits.

“Do I want somebody out there shooting a bow and arrow? No, I don’t.  I don’t mind if he comes and he shoots them, and they come and take them some place else, but I don’t want to see them killed,” says Evie White, a Rock Island resident opposed to any proposed urban hunt.

One thing several people on both sides of this story agree on is the need for an accurate count of deer inside Rock Island’s city limits.

Both sides say that a much more accurate picture of the city’s deer herd is needed.

The Rock Island city council has now heard both sides of the argument and will made a decision about a potential urban deer hunt during a future meeting, although when that will happen has not yet been decided.