Recipe for Seafood Mornay

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It's 'Duet Day'.  We're going to do a nice Seafood Mornay that accompanies any side dish you would like to serve with it!

1. Ingredients include left over shrimp and crab, you can add scallops

2. You'll need buttered bread crumbs, shredded mozzarella cheese and minced garlic

3. Make sure the frying pan is hot

4. Add 1/4 cup of liquid margarine, get it good and hot

5. Add three tablespoons of flour, this makes a roux

6. Mix this.  Making a blond roux, longer on the heat, darker the roux

7. Turn down burner, add cream cheese (you can use half and half and skim).  Chefs say fat adds flavor

8. Whisk to blend, add tablespoon of garlic

9. Add shrimp and crab

10. Let it cook two minutes to a lazy bubble

11. Add mozzarella (keep two tablespoons for topping)

12. Mix, put in dish, add bread crumbs and mozzarella

13. Put in broiler

14. Add a shrimp on top and a little sprig of basil for color

Bon appetit!