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Man arrested after reporting prostitute robbed him

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GALESBURG, Ill — A 70-year-old man wound up in jail after he called police and reported an alleged prostitute stole $700 from his wallet Sunday evening, February 5, 2012.

Robert Stancomb, 70, of Knoxville, Illinois, reportedly agreed to pay $30 to 50-year-old Earstine McGee of Galesburg, Illinois, in exchange for sex acts.

Wayne Campbell, 49, allegedly walked in on the pair and threatened Stancomb with a knife.

Stancomb reportedly hurried to dress and leave the agreed money for McGee when he discovered $700 was missing from his wallet.  That’s when he called police.

All three ended up under arrest.

Stancomb was arrested for solicitation of a sexual act.  McGee was arrested for prostitution.  Campbell was arrested for assault and for violating an order of protection previously filed by Ms. McGee.

All three were booked into the Knox County Jail.

Police said they did not find the missing money when officers searched the residence.