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City of Bettendorf and neighbors fight over park trail

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Some neighbors have safety concerns over a proposed extension of the recreational trails in Bettendorf.

The city plans to extend the Middle Road recreational trail from Devil’s Glenn Road to Duck Creek.

Sidewalks will be transformed into trails for walkers and cyclists.

After some neighbors along this section of middle road expressed concerns over safety, city councilors could decide on a 6-foot trail for them but go forward with plans for a 10-foot trail for the rest.

“It’s my side yard, so 10-feet would be fine with me,” said Terrance Stanbary, who lives in the area. “I know some other people say it’d be a problem for their front yard, I can see that’s a different situation.”

This issue’s got a lot of people talking.

A handful of letters were sent to the City of Bettendorf, with people expressing their opinions on the project, some in opposition, others supportive.

One person says, “I am disappointed to think the trail will only be 6-feet wide.”

Another says, “If we keep the 4-foot sidewalks, that’s plenty of room for two people to walk.”

It’s this kind of disagreement that City Administrator, Decker Ploehn, hopes everyone can move past for the good of the entire city.

“As you try to figure out what’s good for everyone in the community, how do you affect those that are directly adjacent to it,” said Ploehn.

A public forum is planned for 7 p.m. Tuesday.

We’re told councilors are expected to vote on a 6 or 10-foot trail width.

City staff wants the 10-foot, because federal grant money would be applied in that case.

If not, that money will come out of the capital budget.