Davenport’s Affirmative Action Committee Needs Members

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Davenport is looking for volunteers to join the city's newly-established group, the Affirmative Action Commission.

During a press conference Monday morning, Mayor Bill Gluba said the city hadn't received any official applications yet, so they're extending the deadline in hopes of finding seven people to serve on what he calls a "one of a kind" board.

In January, a group of community advocates met, concerned about issues like racial profiling and employment inequality within Davenport's hiring process. In response, Mayor Gluba created the Affirmative Action Commission. The board is a seven-member, three-year term group that will meet monthly and helps the Mayor and City Council connect with businesses led by minorities and keep the city, including every person in it, moving forward.

"It needs to be formally organized so that there is a group that can continually monitor the city to make sure we're being as aggressive as we should be and hiring people from all ethnic groups, that all segments of our society in minority communities across the board are represented or at least given an opportunity to be represented in city government," said Mayor Gluba.

The commission member position is a volunteer position. Mayor Gluba says they're looking for people with a background in affirmative action programs as well as people with experience in small business development. If you are interested, send your resume or biography to the Mayor's Office. The application process will close in two weeks.