‘Anonymous’ Supporter Says He is Being Targeted

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Davenport man, Kevin Achey says his laptop and personal belongings have been taken and tampered with because he is a member of the group Anonymous.

Achey says his girlfriend’s mother gave his laptop to police because she suspected that he had made "denial of service" attacks on various local businesses as well as on police departments in Ohio and in Davenport, Iowa.

Achey says though the police had no search warrant for the laptop at the time, they turned the computer over to federal agents.  He thinks they have targeted him unlawfully because of his affiliation with the group, Anonymous.

Anonymous is a group of international hackers that claims to provide the public with investigative reports exposing corrupt companies.  Over Christmas, the group hacked in to Stratfor, a security firm and allegedly stole a million dollars and donated it to charity.

Kevin Achey says it is because of his support for the group that he has been targeted by the federal agents.

“They’re just going after anyone that is a part of Anonymous and they think of it as some type of a threat,” said Kevin.

Davenport Police did not immediately provide a response to the allegations.

Kevin says he has never participated in the hacking activities of Anonymous; he just supports the ideology of the group.

Kevin says he does not know when, or if, his laptop will be returned.