Meet the Contestants

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Percentage of Weight Lost: 12.4
Total Weight Lost: 32.1
Percentage of Body Fat Lost: 33.67

Name: Ed Mueller
: Coal Valley, IL

What is your goal in this Fitness Challenge?
Working with a trainer to determine my ideal weight and develop a plan that will allow me to reach that goal. In addition increase my strength, flexibility and aerobic capacity. My ultimate goal is to participate (and finish) in The Quad Cities Triathlon.

Why did you apply for the Fitness Challenge?

I need the help and realize that I don’t have the answers and can’t do it on my own.

I stay active, but just can’t make it to that next level of fitness. Admittedly I don’t have a plan and there is not a lot of rhyme or reason to the way I exercise. I am on again off again and know that I need to build a consistent routine in order to see real results.

When it comes to my diet; well there is no diet and I pretty much eat whatever I want. Fast food and snacks do not a healthy diet make. I also lack discipline when it comes to portion control. I really need help developing and maintaining a healthy diet and hope that I’ll be able to this with the assistances of my trainer.

Most important, I turn 58 this coming April and refuse to give in to the notion that I have to slow down. I may not be able to run a seven minute mile or bench press 300 pounds, but I plan to be the healthiest 58 year old “Ed” I can be. The best is yet to come.


Total Lost:4.1 pounds and 1.4% body-fat

Total Lost: 6.1 pounds this week

Total Lost: 10.2 pounds this week and  2.29% body-fat

Total Lost: 13.8 pounds this week and 4.06% body-fat

Total Lost: 13.2 pounds this week and 2.7% body-fat

Total Lost: 15 pounds this week

Total Lost: 20.8 pounds this week and 4% body-fat


Total Lost: 26.2 pounds this week and 4% body-fat

Total Lost: 29.7 pounds

Total Lost: 28.9 pounds this week