Iowa harvest better than expected

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Iowa farmers head to the fields for the last time this season and are seeing surprising numbers.

Earlier this season, it was anticipated that Iowa corn yields would be low due to the extreme weather.  The season started with heavy rain and ended with dry and very hot conditions – conditions that can heavily affect the production.

“The corn was just under a lot of stress.  We weren’t expecting the yields to be quite as good as what they are but we’re not setting any records by any means,” said Robb Ewoldt, President of the Scott County Farm Bureau.

We spoke with Ewoldt as he finished harvest on one of his farms.  The corn yields that he is seeing are right on track with the national trends which are around 150 bushels to the acre for that type of land.

He shared with us that the stress from the weather extremes are cause the ears of corn to have uneven lines and about 4 rows less than ideal.  Both factors affect the yields substantially.

Ewoldt says the good years always equal out the bad years as far as harvest goes but is happy to end this year better than expected.