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New prosecutor appointed in Kristin Holzman case

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The Geneseo woman accused of lying about having cancer in order to receive thousands of dollars in money and favors had a hearing over a motion for a change of venue Tuesday, October 18, 2011, but that hearing turned into something quite different.A very stone-faced Kristin Holzman once again went before Judge Stengel, who threw another curveball by appointing a new prosecutor to the case.

"Honestly I expected to get conflicted out of the case that's why I disclosed it in the first place," said State's Attorney Patton.

October 4th Holzman's attorney Jack Schwartz filed a motion stating a conflict of interest with State's Attorney Terry Patton, after Patton's involvement with one of Holzman's alleged victim's, rebuilding together.

"The State's Attorney's mother was on the board of one of the places that allegedly was defrauded," said Jack Schwartz.

According to court records, Patton's mother is the person that interviewed Holzman about her financial status before the not for profit agency allegedly gave her a free roof.

The judge appointing attorney Jeff Lang as the new prosecutor.

"Jeff Lang has years of experience as a prosecutor he is someone local who is going to give this case the attention it deserves," said State's Attorney Patton.

Weeks before their motion to dismiss Patton, Holzman and her attorney filed a motion to change the location of her trial citing too much media attention.

"They've got a right to file these motions and if they want to file them go ahead and file them eventually it is going to get to a trial one way or another," said State's Attorney Patton.

Schwartz is now hoping to move the location of his defendant's trial from Henry to Rock Island County.

"We're going to do some further discovery to see what nature of possible prejudice against Ms. Holzman would be in this area," said Jack Schwartz.

Holzman's trial is now set for January 3, 2012.