Terronez law license suspended

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CHICAGO, Ill.—The Supreme Court of Illinois ruled to suspend the law license of former Rock Island County State's Attorney Jeff Terronez.

The state's Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission had petitioned to have Terronez's license to practice law suspended after he pleaded guilty to providing alcohol to a minor.  His plea agreement included Terronez resigning from his position as a state's attorney.

Terronez fought the ARDC complaint, claiming the ARDC had orchestrated a negative publicity campaign to get support for their petition to remove his law license. Terronez wanted certain parts of the ARDC complaint against him removed, calling them inflammatory and immaterial.

The ARDC board declined to remove the parts of the complaint that were in question.

In a ruling filed October 12, 2011, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled to immediately suspend Jeff Terronez from the practice of law.

The suspension is indefinite, pending further ruling from the court.