Kristin Holzman files for change of venue

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Late Thursday September 22, 2011, Kristin Holzman's attorney filed a motion to change the location of her trial. The motion states media attention as the reason she wouldn't be able to receive a fair trial in Henry county.

Kristin Holzman once again went before a judge at the Henry count courthouse Friday September 23, 2011.

She and her attorney Jack Schwartz requested to continue the case. Schwartz says he needs more time after taking over his defendants theft case the week of September 12th.

Friday, Schwartz also filed a motion requesting a change in venue for Holzman's trial, pointing specifically at News 8 for overwhelming news coverage.

"Let's see, besides my interview there's enough press coverage on this that we thought it would be appropriate," said Holzman's attorney Jack Schwartz.

The motion says WQAD has titled their coverage, "Cashing In On Compassion", even making note we attempted to get Kristin's side of the story on multiple occasions.

Holzman Change of Venue filing

Records go on to quote witnesses we interviewed who stated the nearly $10,000 Kristin is accused of stealing was spent frivolously.

"A bathroom got remodeled pretty nice and she was planning a trip, a Disney cruise for the family," said a source close to News 8.

The motion mentions our most recent interview with a former friend of Kristin's.

"She's played on people's emotions in a time when people are hurting so bad and nobody can afford to do any extra giving right now," said "Wendy".

Schwartz is now asking for the trial to be moved to a nearby county.

Kristin has pleaded not guilty to felony theft. Her trial is scheduled for October 31, 2011 in Henry county.