Board denies Terronez motion to amend complaint against him

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ROCK ISLAND, Ill.—The Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission says it will not remove allegations from the complaint filed against former Rock Island County State’s Attorney Jeff Terronez.

Terronez filed a complaint accusing the ARDC administrator of orchestrating a negative publicity campaign to support ARDC allegations that Terronez overreached his position as State’s Attorney.

The ARDC allegations are part of a disciplinary complaint filed against Terronez.

Terronez’s motion sought to have parts of the ARDC complaint against him removed, saying the statements were inflammatory and immaterial to the specific misconduct charges.   Terronez cited media coverage, including coverage by WQAD News 8, in support of his motion.

The ARDC administrator fired back with a response that called Terronez’s allegations “completely unfounded”.

A hearing board considered all sides and, in a ruling filed September 9, 2011, denied Terronez’s motion to remove certain parts of the ARDC complaint.

Read the hearing board’s order denying Terronez’s complaint – click here.

Terronez has until September 25, 2011 to answer the ARDC administrator’s allegations against him.  A prehearing conference was scheduled for October 28, 2011.