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Testimony underway in Nicholas Sheley trial

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Testimony is underway in the trial of Nick Sheley in Galesburg, with prosecutors telling the jury in opening statements that ”a trail of bloody evidence” points to him as a killer.

Sheley, of Rock Falls, is accused of beating to death 65-year old Ronald Randall.

Today, prosecutors used three different store surveillance videos in their opening statements, pictures taken the day they believe Randall was killed for his money and his truck.

It puts Sheley in the area, and appears to show him driving Randall’s truck, then buying beer and cigarettes at a gas station, where a clerk says she saw blood on his face.

And prosecutor Bill Elward told the jury that Sheley’s wife will take the stand against her husband and testify he picked her up in Randall’s truck that was ”covered in blood.”

Elward said the two had sex in the vehicle and that her jeans became soaked in blood. She didn’t notify police at the time.

Elward also showed the jury pictures of Sheley taken with a disposable camera, smiling and posing like a tourist in St. Louis, shortly before being arrested for the murders of 8 people.