Terronez ordered to defend possible law license suspension

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The former Rock Island County, Illinois State’s Attorney has been ordered by the state supreme court to show them why he should not have his law license suspended.

In addition to a disciplinary complaint filed in July 2011, the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) filed a petition in early August 2011 to suspend Jeff Terronez’s law license.

The ARDC cited conduct involving “fraud or moral turpitude” as the basis for their petition.  Terronez’s interaction with a juvenile, who was a key witness in the case he prosecuted and won against teacher Jason VanHoutte, is at the center of the complaint against him.  Terronez is accused of lying to police investigating his contact with the minor after he was accused of purchasing alcohol for her and traveling out of town with her and another girl.

The Supreme Court order, filed August 23, 2011, says “there appears to be persuasive evidence to support the charges” in the ARDC complaint.

The order gives Terronez until September 27, 2011 to “show cause, in writing, why he should not be suspended from the practice of law effective immediately.”